One of Bryson Financial's key values is creating strong, lasting relationships with our clients as well as with our carriers. This is the basis of our carrier management philosophy and the key to our success with the renewal process for our clients. Our marketing renewal process includes, but is not limited to the following process:

Strategy Development

Identify your goals, analyze program costs and review both current and alternative funding arrangements.

Management of the renewal

With the current carriers with a strong focus on achieving lower costs, as well as market alternative carriers to ensure the most cost effective options in the marketplace.

Prepare and Discuss Renewal Time-line

The timeline covers every aspect from RFP preparation through the implementation process.

Develop RFPs that are tailored to your specifications and overall benefit goals.

Explore funding alternatives, including stop-loss and self-funding arrangements.

Prepare renewal analysis report and renewal negotiations:

This provides an analysis of the current program, claim costs projections, and a complete comparison of benefit plan designs available to meet your company's overall benefit goals.

Finalize decisions with client and create a detailed plan for implementation

Collaborate with your HR management and company executives and provide any further information needed.

Follow up throughout the entire process.


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