Private Equity Specialization

Bryson Financial specializes in Employee Benefits and Insurance for Private Equity firms with a focus on reducing costs and improving bottom line performance.

The fact is most insurance firms shy away from discussions about price because reducing insurance and benefits costs is difficult and counterintuitive for most insurance brokers, especially the big guys. Instead, when you want to talk about costs, they'll talk about "adding value" and their exceptional service.

In our specialized work with your industry, we know private equity firms and portfolio company management teams maintain a strong focus on cash flow, profitability and increasing enterprise value. So any discussion about changes in employee benefits and insurance has to be driven by cost effectiveness.

At Bryson Financial, we provide outstanding Private Equity industry experience and knowledge. We provide a truly consultative approach to insurance solutions, and we offer a due diligence process that looks at risk strategy both short term and long term to avoid unnecessary surprises.

However, beyond an exceptional client experience, our focus is the same as your focus. Ultimately, we want to ensure that you and your Portfolio Companies have a strategic foundation to achieve managed insurance costs as you build to a liquidity event. Our Private Equity clients view us a trusted partner - and partners don't let partners pay too much for insurance coverage.


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