Due Diligence Review

We understand the unique and complex exposures of Private Equity firms

Private equity firms experience not only the risks involved in running their own firms but also those of their portfolio companies. When private equity partners and employees serve as directors and officers of portfolio companies, the risks multiply.

Your investment portfolio inherently includes an array of exposures. Some are easily identifiable while others may be deeply recessed or newly created by management missteps or new legislation.

At Bryson Financial, our private equity clients appreciate having a pro-active insurance partner who understands the dynamic of the industry and takes a uniquely consultative approach.

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

The last thing you want during a transaction is a surprise. When it comes to risk management and insurance, a missing coverage, an unexpected modification or a dramatic increase in costs has the potential to create unnecessary hurdles to a private equity transaction.

With our experience, we know what to look for and know how to help our clients mitigate risks and aid transaction efficiency. We work with private equity firms to uncover problems prior to an acquisition.

Due Diligence Review

Let us demonstrate our expertise and conduct our exclusive Due Diligence Review, either pre-transaction or post-transaction. There is no obligation. We are very confident that you will see the value in our private equity industry experience and our commitment to bottom line performance. To schedule a consultation, please contact us at 562.435.4267 or info@brysonfinancial.com.


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