Case Studies

Protecting Against a Catastrophic Loss of a Key Executive

Asset Management and Investment Firm Sought Protection for Ownership and Clients.

Solar Company Faced High Worker’s Comp Rates & Large Ex-Mod Increase

Bryson Financial Established a Strategic PEO Relationship to Solve a Worsening Situation.

700-Employee Company Faced Out-of-Control Workers’ Comp Claims

Bryson Financial Established a Strategic PEO Relationship to Address Crippling Loss Sensitive Program

Medical Insurance Mis-management

We provided a benchmarking analysis to align the re-con gured company with fewer employees to same-size peers in the industry and region.

Crushing Workers' Comp Claims Impact Portfolio Company

PE Firm Turns to Bryson Financial for a Solution Other Brokers Wouldn’t Consider.

Hard to Insure and Over Insured

A Bad Combination as Portfolio Company Prepared for Sales.

Risk Challenges for Spin-out Turn into Win for PE Firm

Bryson Financial Enlisted to Shore Up Risk Complexity Prior to Spin-Out Acquisition.

Reducing Private Equity Partner Taxes While Accelerating Savings

Bryson Financial Delivers Creative Retirement Solution to Private Equity Firm.


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