Negotiating and Monitoring Costs

We are driven to effectively negotiate on your behalf utilizing our team's resources of knowledge, experience, diverse backgrounds, and provider relationships. Upon completion of the initial audit, evaluation, and marketing process, an analysis is performed strictly on a quantitative cost basis to gauge the competitiveness in the marketplace.

From the analysis, Bryson Financial providers will work with your company to pursue the target goal. Bryson Financial then returns to the Bryson Financial providers with our set of targets and expected outcomes. In this process, we effectively use leverage to create a competitive environment on behalf of your business.

The next step is to implement our qualitative analysis of the providers that have met our qualitative targets. The analysis includes: reviewing networks, plan designs, discounts, services, reputation, solvency, etc. At this stage, both the qualitative and quantitative measures are weighed to enable you to select and move forward with the appropriate providers.


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